7 Effective Web Design Tools for UI and UX Designers
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7 Effective Web Design Tools for UI and UX Designers

  |   Web Design


Figma is regarded as a very cooperative tool by designers, since every task can be accomplished in cooperation. Several designers can work on the same exact website design–it wouldn’t slow down the app. All of the updates, feedback and changes can be synced well, so you wouldn’t lose any important detail.

Framer X (For MacOs only)

Framer X is an efficient, fast UI prototyping tool that helps designers create adaptive and flexible layouts. This is can work even for non-coders, since the templates can be drag-and-dropped to the web project. The amount of drawing options is huge.


Mockplus is fast tool, and a favorite among many designers. It is quick and effective when it comes to design and interactions. Just like other prototyping instruments, it provides effective collaboration features, so the entire team can work on a single project without any problems.


Are you looking for another prototype design tool? With Marvel, you won’t have any problems with functionality. This app allows you to utilize transitions, but its best feature is collaboration. It can also sync with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a popular free-form UI web design tool used by various designers to make icons, logos and shapes. It provides one of the best ways to integrate graphics on your web pages.

Sketch (For MacOs only)

This is an amazing digital design platform with lots of useful features. It includes Mirror, Native, Exporting, Tools, the Inspector and Precision.