The Most Common Pregnancy Health Problems
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The Most Common Pregnancy Health Problems

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This is one of the most common problems after and during pregnancy. Many women are, at times, unable to avoid a spurt of pee. Are you experiencing small leaks when laughing, sneezing or coughing? Don’t worry, incontinence during pregnancy is oftentimes temporary, and will go away soon.

2.Peeing a lot

During the early stages of your pregnancy, you would experience a lot of peeing. This can actually continue until your little one is born. In the later stages of pregnancy, this can be caused by the head of the infant pressing on the bladder.

So, how can reduce the need to urinate? Cut out drinks late at night. Just see to it that you consume lots of caffeine-free, non-alcoholic drinks during daytime.


Do you love shopping for baby bibs and baby clothes in Malaysia for your little one? Buying your baby’s necessities ahead of time is amazing, but never forget to monitor your own health. There will be tons of hormonal changes in your own body in the coming months, so take care of yourself well. One of the health concerns you should watch out for is constipation during pregnancy.

How can you prevent this?

  • Avoid taking iron supplements. These can make you constipated.
  • Eat food items which are high in fiber, like cereals, whole meal breads, vegetables, fruits, and pulses like lentils and beans.
  • Exercise regularly in order to keep your body muscles toned.
  • Hydrate.


Cramp is a sudden and sharp pain, typically in your feet or calf muscles. This condition is common during the evening. The cause is unknown, but there are many ways to avoid it.

  • Stretch and bend your foot up and down. Doing this around 30 times would help.
  • Rotate your feet 8 times in both directions.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. Leg and ankle movement are most especially important, since these can improve circulation.

5.Feeling faint

It’s true that pregnant ladies often feel faint. This is because of all the hormonal changes affecting their brains. How can you avoid it ,then?

  • Get up slowly after lying or sitting down.
  • In case you feel faint while standing up still, take a seat immediately. The faintness must pass. Though, if it doesn’t, just lie down on your side.