Understanding the Soft 17 Rule

Understanding the Soft 17 Rule

Casino Blacjack 101: Understanding the Soft 17 Rule

What is blackjack’s “soft 17 rule”?

This is a specific guideline at a table that a casino and other than the Online Casino Malaysia has about how a dealer plays his or her own hand with a soft 17 total.

Blackjack is a basic card game where the dealer and player each begin with a hand of two cards. The one holding a much higher total wins the bet. However, they would only win if they maintain a total of 21 or below. A 22 or higher total means automatic loss.

A player’s strategy with a hard hand, as opposed to the one with a soft hand, is very different.

The Rules of the Dealer: Playing Blackjack Hands

Are you playing with a blackjack’s hand? Then, you can decide whether to double down, split, hit or stand. The thoughts of the dealer wouldn’t matter. You get to what you want to do. Meanwhile, the dealer can’t make judgement calls or decisions on how to play her cards. Casinos have standard rules about how these dealers can play blackjack hands. They have a set of procedures.

In blackjack, there is only a single way to play every hand with the highest expected value. Put together a strategy table. When gambling writers write about blackjack house edges, they are assuming that you are implementing a perfect basic strategy.


In casino blackjack, the soft 17 rule is something only an experienced blackjack player can carry out. Blackjack is a very simple game, yet this basic change can hugely impact casino advantage–raising it to 0.2%.