Web Developer Evaluation

Web Developer Evaluation

How Do You Evaluate the Quality of Work That is Done by the Web Developer?

When you’ve hired a web developer to have your website created for you, how will you know how to evaluate the work that he/she has done? Today, I am going to provide a brief checklist to help you.

1.  Check The Technical Requirements

Before any project, you, as the client, should have specifications that the developer must follow. The quality of their work will entirely depend on how specific your requirements are. That is why it is very important that you make your demands as clear as possible so that you will get the best results.

Create a checklist with all of the technical requirements that you want to have on your website and then check the boxes if they meet your demands.

2. How Quickly Do They Reply to You?

The response time is also very important, especially if you’ve hired a remote freelance web developer. How long do they respond after you’ve sent them a message? For the most part, you want them to reply just a few hours after your initial message and you do not want a freelancer that responds after a couple of days.

3. How Well Do They Communicate?

When you ask questions to the web developer, do they explain it really well or do you feel that their answers are “canned” and generic? How warm are they when they communicate with you? For you to get the best results, you may have to talk with them a couple of times during the entire process. A good developer has good enough communication skill in that they’re receptive to what you have to say and they are warm towards you when they communicate.

4. Compare with Previous Projects

If you have hired web developers before to work on your website, then you can compare the results that you’ve gotten now versus the ones that were made before.

Now, this is not done in the spirit of competition, but rather, it is done just to make sure that you’re getting nearly the same quality results to that of the previous developers.

5. Analyze Customer Feedback

When you hired a freelance developer from online portals such as Upwork or freelancer.com, you will find that there is a customer rating on their profile.

Check to see the comments and ratings that some of their previous clients have left for them. If they had a good experience, there’s a huge chance that you’re going to experience the same.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a dedicated web developer is the preferred option if you want to have a good and professional-looking website. Here are the things that you should do, in a nutshell:

  • You set up a meeting with them, making sure that you discuss all of the details that the developer must know about the project.
  • Create deadlines and milestones so that you can evaluate their work each time they’ve reached a certain goal.
  • Both parties should agree with the payment scheme.
  • To establish trust from the get-go, pay a minimum deposit.